Life is definitely not all candies and chocolates. The sweetness of life must be enjoyed though, only if all other things are savored in the most unconventional ways. The age is a just a number but this does not guarantee expertise, proficiency and capability. Some age for the sake of aging, while some age with grace and dignity.

So what is the point? The point is rather simple. Financial Preps is just so important that it has been compared to everybody’s favorite: Candies and Chocolates. So how is that?  Life is a one shot kind of a deal.  Aiming is a single moment but a lot of practice must be done so a bullseye can be achieved. Preparation is key to whatever objective one have, especially if living in comfort and ease is the main purpose. This is not new, while working so hard in life, is it just to think of enjoying the fruits of each labor.

People who are not prepared money-wise is a normal view these days. The look is so intense and heartbreaking. This sight is something not everyone would want for themselves. So before the clock have its tick, think about how to give the best planning and life couldn’t be so much sweeter.


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