The Wise Use of Credit Cards

The best way to prepare for a financially secured future is avoiding debts. Credit card debt is one of the factors affecting one’s financial freedom. Although there are many advantages and disadvantages of using a credit card, the main responsibility is still with the user himself.

credit card

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Defining when a credit card should be used is very important. Here are some practical and impractical ways of using a credit cards.


  • Use the card in case of emergencies and contingencies.
  • Pay the balance in full each month. Paying for the minimum amount due is good for the bank and not for the user.
  • Pay before the due date. Delaying the payment means extra cost.
  • Keep the receipts of the purchases as a references when the billing comes.



  • Don’t use the card for personal loans or cash advances.
  • Avoid charging food purchases
  • Don’t use the credit card for additional bank services. More often than not, the services are way overpriced.

Always remember that when credit card debts piles up, it is very difficult to get out the obligation. Using the credit card only when necessary is ideal and would not be of any burden.


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